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well we use one in our stroked b-16 engine, it runs 30 lbs of boost, and runs in the nines, our block has darton sleeves, and we had over 280 runs on that engine, could have had more but i dropped some valves, the bottom end is still perfec, well the pistons are trashed, but the botttom end is reusable, i know z 10 offers the complete package with windage tray, and pan, you can check out my car in last monts sport compact car its the scc drag civic, we also run the radius arm traction system, this company (Z10) knows how to build quality product and give great service, if that cant sell you on the product, i dont know what will, but watch for upcoming issues of sport compact car for installation stories, and see the product on both the civic and the new holley/project crx, just in time for the sema show..feel free to respond or contact me if you want additional feedback, thanks...dominic conti
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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