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Yellow Optima or Alternator HO

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Hey everyone,
I finally got my system installed with a nice custom box etc...It just shuts off when im bumping it, so here is the choice I have:

*Get a new Alternator (150 AMPS i think)


*Yellow top Optima Battery & an isolator to connect 2 batteries.

I am running about 1400 watts right now and have another amplifier comming which will be 500 watts prolly. I have lights and a screen with dvd player & capacitor so it will be drawing more I need both? or just the alternator or battery. I read the posts from the past and got a little info, but just needed some more input. Thanks!
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check your grounds before you replace the alt or the battery
The ground and everything is in fine. When I turn up the gains and settings on the deck and amp and play it loud it just shuts off and comes back on. I took it to a couple stereo shops and they told me either new alternator or get the optima battery. I am going to be taking my car to DB drags and stuff so that is why I will get either one of those.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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