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WTT: EXPENSIVE Tecnomagnesio wheels/tires

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Custom anthracite/iredescent blue powder coated wheels. Tecnomagnesio is an italian company and these wheels can be hard to get in the US. Lightweight racing wheel usually only found on race cars such as tracked NSX's and WRC rally cars. VERY STRoNG. Custom finish has approximately 1500 miles with only 500 on the Nitto Neo Gens. Very unique, and the cheapest I have found them is for $520 EACH at Dali Racing for a 5 lug type r. These are 17x7 in., 4x100 lug wheels. Will consider trade for Mugen MF10's, MF8's, or Spoon Sw388 in good condition with tires. Figure my wheels cost 600 a piece after finish before tires were mounted, so if you offer money, it'd better be good. Finally, heres some pics. Will try to take more when i can upload them into my computer.

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beautiful BEAUTIFUL wheels. Hope everything goes well, but in regards to your sig, haha....doesnt Hyundai have an "H" on it? :)
Damn man, i cant get over those rims. Imagine them on an adriatic blue pearl teg, or that deep blue on the RSX's. But did you end up with them, and howcome you dont want them anymore? Or at least sell them and bank on it, then buy whatever wheels you want.
I don't know, just wondering what i can get for them if they're worth trading or selling.
Wow, those are nice! Is it a special blue you powdercoated it in? Or did you just go up to the shop and say "Powder coat this blue!"?
Done at a shop, so they are a true one-off...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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