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WTB: OEM Vogue Silver Hood

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Im looking for a vogue Silver Hood w/ good paint. Mine has decided that it would roll over and let the rock chips kick its a**.
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a new one is gonna cost ya like 150 shipped, you should just get yours repainted.
hey rob, you can buy mine...if you give me a cf one
lol ye what mtbbodo said, if u have cf hood, ill give u 50 plus my hood.
anyone have any info on the clear car bra's you can put on your cars? A lot of Supras are using them now, they paint, then cover it w/ the clear bra so they dont have to worry about rock chips anymore.
G3Integra on Feb/23/04 said:
You must be new to ebay. You do realize there are 6 more days left on that bid and there is no way in hell the final price will be $1 so don't get your hopes up.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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