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Ok i tried locally and found a few things but now im going nation wider. I would prefer as close to michigan as possible to keep shipping prices low. Also i am trying to get all this for as cheap as possible. Tight budget but this is what i want to get done. Here it goes.

Entire Black cloth Interior (front/rear seats/carpet) for swap (have grey cloth interior and would prefer to trade out or sell)

CF hood OEM style (willing to trade my frost white hood plus cash)

Racing seats (will sell or trade my stock seats)

Front Lip for 98+ conversion painted either black/white/ or even cf. Dont care what style.

Gunmetal rims with polished lip in 16 and up. 18 being the biggest i would like to go.

Apex N1 exhaust or any dunk series exhaust.

Please keep in mind like i said before, Trying to keep as close to michigan as possible and as cheap as you guys are willing to let all this go. If you know anyone who might be able to help...please post or pm me. Thank you.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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