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I have the stock cat and catback off my 92. The previous owners of the car went through a few mufflers on it, but now it has some small mitsubishi muffler, and a tin can on the end of it. It actually sounded really good before I took it off. It's in damn good shape too. I ran it for about 200 miles after I installed my turbo, and it has a little bit of soot in it (running rich) , but nothing too noticeable.

The only thing is, shipping it would REALLY, REALLY SUCK. I wouldn't even know where to start... I could probably get pics soon if you want.

I happened to find a small shot of it: Red = Small Mitsu Muffler, Yellow = Ebay Can, Blue = Stock Resonator on the B pipe.

From the back:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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