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WTB: armrest eliminator bracket

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yeah, ive got the jdm armrest eliminator thingamajig, but it didnt come witha bracket, in need of one. the odds of someone having it is slim, but i figured id post anyway. thanks.
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Just curious, how did you get it without a bracket? Did you buy it somewhere like that? I am waiting for a friend to order one for me in a groupbuy.
i got it off of ebay, seller was ICBMotorsports. only thing it came with was the bag with the armrest thing in it. nothing else.
Just to add to this, I also ordered my console from ICB motorsports and it had no bracket. So I am now trying to find one. If anyone knows where I can buy the bracket alone please let me know, thanks.........
i love my armrest! id never part with it! or my clock for that matter!
Here you go, you can buy it from Matt from ICBMOTORSPORTS:

Check out this thread:

JDM Armrest Eliminator Thread
if you look on the date...this tread is 3 year old
talk about bringing back a dead thread!!! we all saw the original one u need to reply with a link on every single thread that mentions this armrest eliminator.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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