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I am looking for a 98+ Rear Bumper. I will pay for it in full, or trade/sell it in full/partial for a 94-97 **FRESHLY PAINTED** Milano Red Front bumper lip. There is literally only one TINY TINY crack in it. The only reason I am posting it for sale is because I just bought a grille-tech lip and like it better with the stock lip/grille then with no grille (cuz it won't fit) and the mugen lip. Well thanks for your time. I also have a Golden Eagle Block Girdle Kit for sale...


P.S. The lip was sanded, compounded, painted, and clearcoated just a week ago (7/22/04) and has not seen the likes of sun yet. IF anyone wants it alone it will be at least 200 (I bought it for $110 at abs dynamics co. and I got it painted at a body shop which is $$...)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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