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-When she was drivable was hard to shift
-She would grind gears just a little by force (Sometimes or if I miss shift)
-Then from neutral back to gear was impossible
-Now car won’t go into gear when running
-Shifts when car is off (that’s bcuz clutch is not spinning)
-So I put the car in 1st n started it she jerks forward and same goes for reverse (jerks backwards)
-Changed the clutch hydraulics (CMC & CSC)
Bleed the clutch and did a bit of gravity bleed
-Clutch pedal feels tougher and comes up on its own (feels better then it was before)

Car still won’t shift into gear and still jerks forward/backwards. If I tried forcing it in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or reverse from neutral she will grind. I was told it could be my bearings, synchros, Gasket, Seals, etc. I think it might be my shift linkage..
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