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Who Loves New Parts?!! I do!!!

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Ok, so I am not finished putting all of the brake back in yet, but I was so excited to show all of my news goodies I couldn't wait. So here is my list:

V.I.S Carbon Fiber Hood
V.I.S Carbon Fiber Hatch
StreetStyler Carbon Fiber Fuel Door & Fuse Box Cover
Mugen Valve Cover!
Password JDM Whale Penis Intake
Baer Decella Crossed Drilled and Slotted Front and Rear Rotors
Bendix Ceramic Pads front and Rear

All Comments are welcomed. I will take better photos was finished, cleaned and on the road. I was just to excited to hold back for now, so here are some quick photos! Hope You enjoy!

Oh and one quick question! For any of you who do have this intake, is there any strut bar I can use in the front to replace the OE one since it will not fit with the new intake being so large??? Please let me know Thank you

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How hard was it to do the glass?

I've got THAT project coming up soon as well....kinda dreading it.

Also...what lip is that?

The car looks good man!
That car looks great. I was debating on the carbon fiber trunk but it looks good on the car. Also like james_ls said. on 1-10 10 being difficult how hard was the glass in the back and about how long did the install take?

Look good keep up the good work.
Looks good man. I was thinking to put a CF trunk on my DB. Keep it up!
Nice teg, careful about the crossdrills, if you actually drive your car at a track or agressively enough to have to hammer your brakes the small spacing between the drills as well as the small size of the rotors may cause fractures and an eventual falling apart of your rotor altogether. But other than that nice car man.
whale penis FTW!!! nice parts yo! o btw that VC is a copy.. I have the same one...not to be mean just FYI...
i like the hood and the hatch, i could have done without the valve cover and replica intake
so much carbon fiber. i love it
Word of advice to keep these parts blur your tag.
And to answer your question any high mount strut bar should work.
yo looks nice but take that 'breather' of your valve and put the line back on it, its not good for the car.
blur ur plates homeboy. good **** though!!!
So you're one of those guys too. "The cheap ass who can't even afford to paint those ugly weave parts" HAHA J/P ya Carbon Fibre *****!!!
Very Nice Parts!! Lookin' Good!
nice parts!! loving the cf, now you just need the sunroof top to be cf!!

Just wondering what was your reason to upgrade the brake kit?? was theres something wrong w/ roaster??
Well, the carbon fiber hatch was actually very easy to put in. The glass was scary to take out, but only a minute or two to put in. Overall the whole operation took about 1hr20mins.

The brakes I did the crossed drilled because we hella dropped the price on them at work (autozone) so I couldn't resist.

The valve cover I know is a rip off but it was FREE!! Let me say free one more time..FREE. HAHA

Was so excited I forgot to blur the plates...

I couldn't get the air line from the valve cover to the intake because of my throttle bracket cable. So I am just going to route the line into the pvc system. I literally just did it so no worries. I know those little breathers suck.
a CF roof cap is in order... lookin sick!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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