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White 98+ pics?

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I need front end pictures of a '98 or later, stock front end, non-Type-R (preferably white). If anyone has any I'd really appreciate it!

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Man, I gots tons of them. :)

Click here if you can handle a spinning car .gif pic. :)

Click this pic for an album full of em.
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Anyone else...? A coupe maybe...?
The front end on a coupe is exactly the same as the sedan. If you want pics of white tegs then just say so. The front ends are going to be the same on every single one that is 98 and newer.
I know and I appreciate your pics. I'm just doing a '94-'97 comparo and from slightly side angles it'd be nice if the '98-'01 Integra was the same body style as the '94-'97 coupe pics I've got. OTOH, if you've got '94-'97 sedan pics, that'd do okay too...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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