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Which way do pistons/rods face?

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I am installing my pistons and rods tonight and looked them both and none of them have directions on which way they are to be faced when you install them unlike the stock rods and pistons?

I was wondering, the wider piston reliefs, are they to be sittin gon the intake or exhaust side?? Maybe someone has a picture of a piston installed int he block that isnt a completely high compression piston, the only reference I can find right now is the one on C-speed in which they are an equal depth....mine are kinda ofset.

Same question with the rods, does it matter which way they face?? Eagle rods by the way!

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what aftermarket rods are you using? above ones are Pauter.

on the stock rods there's an arrow or an embossed stamp (eg. P72 12 on the GSR rod) and it should be facing up when you press in the pin (so that the piston's emboosed stamp side is also facing up on the same sidewhen you press in the pin ). on install, the embossed side with the arrow or stamp (eg. P72 on a GSR rod) must face the timing belt side of the engine. on a B18B the oil hole on one side shoulder of the rod big end and the oil hole must face or be on the same side as the IM.

you're using bushed pins instead of pressed in stock pins right? the keeper or lock side of the piston (on the ones that use bushed pins rather than a pressed in pin like stock) should face up when you pop the rod in. pre-oil the groove for the keeper lock on the piston & the small end of the rod liberally using oil or assembly lube .

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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