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Okay, I read all the articles that relate to this topic. Yet I still need the advice of all the car wizards here on TI! Here's the deal:

I have a 1998 2dr GS automatic with 17" rims with 205/40-ZR17 tires. I am in dire need of lowering! I have decided on buying Eibach Pro-Kit springs for the 1.3" drop all around. But there is one more problem.

Shocks! I want to keep the price down, but I don't want no-name cheap crap. I don't autocross, so I'd say ride comfort and looks are a bit more important than racetrack-level handling. Since the 1.3" drop is not too drastic, I'm looking for a middle-of-the-road shock, one with pretty decent performance. Koni yellows seem popular, but too much $$$. How about Koni reds? Any experience with those? Also, what about Bilsteins or KYB AGX? Those names pop up a lot too. What do you guys recommend for decent performance with acceptable ride?

Any info would be major major help! I need to buy them this week. Let me know ASAP, thanks in advance!
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