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where to put g3 fogs?

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wassup TI i was wondering if the oem fogs are mounted underneath the tabs of the grill or at the corners like mystikalstriker? im gettin the hella 2500 fogs and was wondering where to mount them
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Depends on OEM or aftermarket. Also depends on year of teg for the OEM's.
mounting on the hella 2500 my car is 95 but with 00 conv
here's a picture of fogs again. better picture.
these are OEM fogs.

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damn thats nice
i dont know how much he got his for but i got mines brand new for 40 shipped
^^^40 shipped??? From where?? Can i get hooked up too??
holy **** 40 shipped brand new!!!
damn. thats a really good deal. i paid 200 shipped brand new from Acura.
an acura dealership i believe in las vegas sells stuff on ebay and thats where i got them.
full kit, switch, harness and mounts.

if you want, i can give you a night pic as well. and i replaced the factory bulb to a yellow bulb.
ebay......type in hella 2500 look exactly like the oem but with halos
I want to see how they look after you install them on your teg before i buy them. Post pics, keep us updated.
yeh, im doin a lot of things to my car now, just put on my rims today, gunmetal w/ polished lip, getting my itr wing tomorrow, i have my rear valences but i dont think ima put it on and the fogs should come next week. than a new paint job. still thinking of a color
i just put these in today OEM fogs for the 94-97s and i tell u how to put them in here
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Crappy pic, but it's all I got, for now. These are 4" diameter Pilot fogs:

$20, Pepboys, top mount through the bumper support. Had em for 6 months, no problems. I want to change to clear lens units, as these have the blue tinted 'hid-style' lenses. They look good on, but off, it's kinda silly. But for $20, I'm happy with them.

Edit: More pics!

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thats a 94-97 oem fogs. he has a 98-01 front bumper.
i was thinking of gettin the 94-97 oem but i compared them to the 98+ oem and the 98 ones has better projection
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