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What did you do with your Integra today?

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I've seen this thread on forums for other cars so I thought I'd get one going here too. Like the title says, what did you do today? It can be anything little like an oil change or something big and complicated. Pictures aren't needed but make it more interesting.

Today I prepped the car for the road trip to the Dragon. For me that includes putting on the car bra for protection. Zip-tied on a front plate so I don't get hassled by cops and put in the exhaust silencer, it can get a bit annoying at 4k all the way from Wisconsin to the Dragon. I also cleaned off the steering wheel with a Mr Clean magic eraser. It works awesome for taking off the built up dead skin. The wife can't stand it and she takes some of the driving shifts down and up. I also washed it and changed the oil but those were the last couple of days.

The dog decided to show up and get in the picture too.
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Isn't there already a thread? I thought there was.

I adjusted my headlights and added coolant :)
I actually just finished prepping my car for the Dragon. Removed the sub, cleaned everything else out of the trunk, washed, vacuumed, and waxed, changed the oil, changed two ball joints, changed the wipers, and a ton of other stuff. All ready to leave right after work tomorrow.
Cleaned the engine bay, cleaned the back of the car inside, gapped plugs to go in tomorrow
Cursed heavily at the brake master cylinder for functioning like an old dish sponge.

P.S. Tony that dog is friggin' yuuuge! Starting to look quite..err...round. Seriously, how much does he weigh now?
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Bled some excess brake fluid, and topped off the radiator, before work. Then, after work, changed the outer window trim piece, on the driver's door, and glued the rubber gasket, to the leading edge of my CF hood. Right now, I'm packing it for the morning's trip to the Dragon.

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P.S. Tony that dog is friggin' yuuuge! Starting to look quite..err...round. Seriously, how much does he weigh now?
Yeah the way he was sitting makes him look like a tub of lard. He's not though. 140lbs. He's the guard dog for the teg.:icon_twisted:
I just made a custom voltmeter "clock". I'm really happy with the results. It still even looks oem except for the green. I chose green to match my interior accents.
If I had done blue it would have looked pretty close to oem color.

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^that's pretty cool, I would want one to give me AFR numbers.

I drove to work, but later today (or tomorrow) gonna change out a coolant hose that is leaking. Off topic, but bought an air compressor from this drunk dude for 20 bucks. Pretty cheap if you ask me (2HP, 125PSI, 8 Gallon tank, ~3 CFM @40 PSI) I'm gonna paint my Type-R wing when I get the rest of the tools needed for the job :)
Changed my plugs, cleaned my catch can filter, gassed up. Ready to leave for dragon bright and early
Installed a new K&N air filter, old one was nice and dirty.
Changed out thermostat. Added water wetter. Painted side skirts, front lip and rear valence.
Burned up my alternator... and then spent some time in the garage wiggling said alternator out, lol. Tomorrow I get to replace the diode, vr, and brushes. Yesterday however, I cleaned it inside and out and put on some new wheels and tires :)
Threw on a stock header and cat to pass inspection.
Took off rear bumper + valence/aprons and sanded them down. Tomorrow will work on sanding/body work on the rest of the car. Hopefully ready for paint in a week or two!!!

still deciding on what color.
cleaned the interior and put in new air fresherner
Test fit my mugen spoiler
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Today I put in an order for some prothane motor mount inserts since my oem ones are SHOT, and gettin the hood and roof ready for paint!
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