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hey mods if this is in the wrong spot lpease move it~

i have a 98 ls auto - im begging to have some problems with the tranny i had a check engine light and then it went off but i had that checked and it sed that there is an error with my tps sensor and a couple of codes ( i forget right now) popped up i didnt by my car at a acura dealership so my question is this

someone at a honda dealership told me that acura warranties all of their vehicles up to 100,000 miles ( i believe that he sed there were exceptions to this) and my car might be under this warranty anybody have any insight?? also has anyone noticed or heard of the abs sensors on 98-01 tegs defaulting or anything?

thanks ~

p.s. thinkin of selling my rims 17" konig(maximm i think now) six-speeds, two have minor damage on lip, all have brand new tires and i had them all checked and they r in good condition minus the scrapes....(mother tried parallel parking the teg and apparently forgot how sux don't it) will have pics up soon - askin 500ish
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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