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wanted: sway bars ('97 gs--socal)

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i have a '97 GS 4dr, and am looking to upgrade the sway bars. ideally looking to do both front and rear. i'm in socal. leaning towards to the ITR bars. thought i'd try the used route first...
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nah nah, don't upgrade the front.

it is hard like hell and won't make a big difference since your front bar is already like 22mm

The rear is what you SHOULD upgrade, a standard 22mm off an itr should do, just remember to get all the bushings and endlinks + a bsq or beaks kit. If that's not your thing then the comptech bar is the next best thing; only reason it's second best is the price.
that's what i was leaning towards after reading other posts. if anyone has a rear ITR bar with the bushings/brackets already and is local, drop me a line. the comptech piece looks great, but i think it'll be out of my budget even if it's used.
go to they have a used 96 spec jdm itr rear sway bar with endlinks ($80) , then go to your local acura dealer and ask for a bushings and bracket. Then buy the bsq kit for only 24 dollars, and your set. You're set.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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