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Yesterday me and some friends took advantage of the 'nice' weather we got in michigan and went for a drive to get some footage for a video me and my roomate a going to put together. Fun day!

First one is way out in schoolcraft,MI ... middle of NOWHERE. Nice drive by of mah gsrrrr and this guy's ITAAR.

i have AEM SRI, Thermal 2.25" exhaust basically for the performance aspect you can hear. He has full hytech header/exhaust, AEM CAI, Toda cam gears, Skunk2 stg2 cams, some msd sh*t, Hondata ECU, and head work done. THis guy is one ****y ass. He baught the car all mod'd out from a guy out in cali for like 19k. and he tells everyone he put these parts in and he put $13k into this car. lol for 13k... he should be a lot faster. My friends N/A 300zx w/ exhaust, ecu, clutch almost keeps up w/ him. the itr BARLEY pulls away... and i can keep up w/ this Z... so i dunno if this guy sucks at drivin or what. lol

1st vid: (right click and save as please)

on this 2nd video, my friend left his car running (300zx) so u can hear is exhaust.. but the reason the begining vid is long is cuz u have to listen. its kind of funny, you can hear our cars and then over the hill comes this truck. kinda funny, then we come screamin by. I didn't realize my car sounded so cool. I sorta like it better than the ITR w/ the hytech system.

2nd vid: (right click and save as again please)

thanks... and no 'street racing is gay' comments cuz we weren't... plus we are in a VERY secluded place... just look at the video. lol the drifts were so huge on the sides of the roads we were hidden.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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