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Hello everyone!! As you may or may not know, i'm the weird guy that posts fwd drift builds for my integra. It's always a work in progress, but I'm posting this today because the new drift season has started. I have emailed the few tracks in my area to find out which ones accept fwd drifting and which do not. Currently I only know of 2 tracks in minnesota for drifting. Feel free to post the tracks you know of too. If you dont know if they accept fwd, let me know and I'll call and ask.

Fwd freindly: Brainerd International Raceway. I've talked to the techs personally and had my car checked. They assured me no one gets left out. The will find a class to be in. Great staff.

Fwd not friendly: Interstate Raceway in Glyndon mn. I've emailed them 4 times asking various questions, but basically they dont believe a fwd can drift, they think fwd only powerslides...which is actually a rwd technique...but whatever. I tried explaining to them that it is a motorsport, fwds can go sideways...regardless of what it's called, but in the end all they did was take me off their mailing list, so not friendly. I've been told by a friend of mine that the staff there are jerks so maybe it's for the best. That particular friend refuses to go there.

The only downside of brainerd is that drift practice is on Wednesday's and I need it to be on weekends. Hence why I was looking. If anyone else wants to go, I'd welcome company. Later guys!!

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