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This is NOT my car but it is so good looking that it must be posted for people to see. Ok, here in VanCity we have one huge group that all imports and domestics join and talk in a forum, such as this one. Each month we have a new feature car. This month's feature car just so happens to be a really cool 3rd gen integra. Here are the pics and the specs. Enjoy!

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Ride: 1994 Acura Integra

Daily Life: Bum on the street

Under the Hood:
-- Acura Integra B18b Engine
-- Garrett T25 Turbo
-- Starion Front Mount Intercooler
-- Overbored and Balanced Engine
-- AEM Fuel Rail
-- Vortech Fuel Pressure Regulator
-- Vortech Boost Dependant Fuel
-- Regulator
-- Blitz Blowoff Valve
-- Sherwood Engineering Gun metal
-- Piping
-- JE Low Compression Pistons
-- JE Piston Rings
-- Prelude SRV Injectors
-- STR Block Guard
-- HKS Exhaust Manifold
-- Lightened Flywheel
-- Shot Pinged Rods
-- K&N Air Filter
-- ACT Stage 3 Clutch
-- Apexi Super Megaphone Exhaust
-- Apexi S-AFC
-- Apexi Turbo timer

-- Vis Extreme Front
-- Top Fuel Side Skirts
-- Zeo Rear Apron
-- Revolution Side Markers
-- Revolution Clear Corners
-- BPT Phase 1 Carbon Fiber Hood Evo
-- Style
-- APC Carbon Fiber Look Rear Lights
-- APR GT I R-Spec Wing
-- Sherwood Engineering Acura Wing
-- Mounts
-- GPFX 2 Tone Decal Kit
-- Brakes & Rollers:
-- 17 Enkei RS Evolutions
-- Yokohama A520 205/40ZR17
-- J Power Slotted Rotors

-- Trim Up 2 Tone Leather Wrapped
-- Interior
-- Razo Shift Knob,
-- Razo E-brake
-- Razo Pedals
-- Acura Seatbelt Covers
-- Auto Meter Boost gauge
-- Auto Meter Air/fuel gauge

-- H & R Sport Lowering Springs
-- Spoon Rear Tower Bar
-- Revolution Tower Bar
-- Revolution Mid-strut Bar

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something tells me I looked before you posted the pics

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its not my taste but its ok I guess(exterior wise)

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Why did you choose the big spoiler?

"Well in the land of a million Integras, you really need things to set yourself apart from the rest. The spoiler was new to the market and through the Internet and local sightings I found that the wing was easy to install but hard to make it look good. Originally it was higher and different in colour. I painted the sides and lowered it and added the Apex-i decal I always wanted if I ever owned a Skyline. I also got really sick of Veilside wings everywhere. And although my Type R spoiler was nice I was getting bored of it. A lot of people at the time had aluminum spoilers but I had not seen one of the GT Wings on a car that actually looked nice. The smaller ones looked really nice on Celicas and other Integras...but no one had pulled off a GT Style wing so that their car looked nice in my opinion."

What do you see most important, show or go?

"This depends totally on the person and what his goals are. You can't do both though. If you want to hit under 12's, you can't have 5 TV's, 19 inch Rims and pounds of bondo. If you want to win shows, lil steelies, stripped interior and internal engine mods won't get you any extra points. Myself personally I like to meet both halfway. Respectively fast while adding my personal cosmetic touches. I'll never win any major shows or track events but I can compete in both."

Words to aspiring people who want to have a car like yours?

"It's your car, do what you want. Use the winters to order things, cause in the spring and summer, even when you have the cash a shop will never have all the things you want and the dreaded "backordered" term comes to play. As well, whether it's body work or engine work stay with a select shop unless they give you a reason to leave. You want a customer shop relationship where you feel 100% comfortable leaving your car with them. Or do the work yourself because no one works harder on your car than you."

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Those are the best pics, the rest repeat themselves and not worth looking at. Yeah, its a beautiful car. The wing looks real good with the A logo printed in it. I saw this car up close at one of our meets and at our Import Showoff. It truly is a nice car, he takes very good care of it.
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