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I'm Australian and I just recently bought a 1993 DC2 VTI-R (AUDM).
It has a B18C2 engine.
I am just getting into the car scene so there is a lot of things I am not sure about.
There are a few things i need to replace and predominantly I am looking online to get those parts, such as a new header, radiator and a steering wheel.
My understanding from reading forums is that the AUDM and USDM (B18C1 GSR) engines are essentially the same but they don't really address whether parts can be interchangeable. I want to ask if USDM parts (including if possible, exterior, interior and engine components) that are suited to fit 1994-2001 DC2 GSR can fit on the AUDM model VTI-R?
Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.
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