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TI Shirts (thread):
- Well what an adventure that was! here i was thinking i'd maybe sell the 20 i ordered in a good amount of time, and we sold 92 in 3 days!! As of friday, i knew they were being made at that point, i should have that huge shipment in my hands midweek, and whenever i get them, i plan on having all mailing packaging complete, so i basically stuff them and they are ready to ship the next day, thats the plan anyways...... i will update this very thread with "when" they actually get packed up

Version 5 beta testers:
- Response to this caught me off guard as well, i was looking for 30-50 people, i got 109... i am waiting to make this whole "beta test" thing happen once i feel there is enough to test (which is soon)... i was working hard this past week on a "bug report" page and a "what's new" page so that everyone knew what to check out and where to report problems in one common place.... HOPEFULLY late this week i will open that site up to the testers...... (please note, if you aren't signed up, its 100%, absolutely too late, i already have waaay more than enough people "in" already)

Server issues of Saturday night:
- Site was really horked until about an hour ago... one of my tables in the database was filled to the brim and wasn't accepting new additions, causing ** crash **.. oops... the life of managing a server

TI Plates (thread):
- notice on the thread for them i still have yet "i am out of them", as i am down to my last one to sell

New Sponsor: NL Motoring (thread)
- You all are animals!! lol.. in the few days they have been on board, they alredy have had almost 1200 clickthroughs from this site!

Forum Split:
- for those that haven't noticed... Suspension/Wheel/Tires/Brakes is now split into two forums, Wheels and Tires and Suspension and Brakes.. while i am usually against more forums to watch-over/sometimes-babysit, this split made sense in that there is plenty of enough traffic for both

Anyways, wanted to tell everyone where we were at on certain aspects.......

PS: Go Patriots!

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so I guess we would know already if we got chosen to be a beta tester? Or have you decided and just not told anyone?
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