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It took me a while to get to it, but I have bad turbo seals. Just thought I'd pass on the info in case someone here has the same symptoms.

Basically, I got short periods of heavy blue smoke clouds billowing from the back end of my car. Then nothing for a while. Very embarrassing!! Also, sometimes I got white smoke clouds, also indicting burning oil, just a bit less heavy. So I had a pretty good indication this was oil being burnt by the engine, rather than just being injected into a hot exhaust. Also, after about a week of this (where I had no choice but to run the car), the turbo would not spool correctly, or I should say consistently.

When I took off the output of the turbo compressor, it because obvious where the oil was coming from. There was a nice slick of oil in the turbo housing and the intercooler pipe. There was some side to side play in the compressor wheel. Thankfully it had not touched off on the compressor housing.

Well, at least it's not the engine!!

I'm running a MHI TD05HR (EVO8)...shaft looks fine....some small amounts of coking (Not running water...yet-Think I will add it!), ordered a rebuild kit...should work out well....

The only aggravating part is waiting for the parts to clear the border....Canada eh.

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