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Well, not exactly for free, but pretty damn close, hehe. I got a call today while I was on my lunch break from my good buddy that owns an autobody shop (Complete Aerokits and Autobody in Arlington). He tells me to come by and that he has an offer for me. I get there and he askes me if I would be willing to let him use my stock Type R front lip so he could use it to make a mold for a Carbon Fiber Type R Lip copy he is in the process of getting started.

So whats in it for Me???

In return for letting him use my stock lip, I get a carbon fiber lip and carbon fiber hood in return.

The second after he says this I am all 'DAMN, gimme a screwdriver, Ill take it off myself!!!' So hopefully within 4-6 weeks, Ill have my new carbon fiber goodies, plus Ill hopefully have some Black Rota Slips to accent them. And If Im REALLY lucky, Ill scrounge up enough money to get my exhaust system together. So if all goes well, the Type R well be SUPER PIMP by the summer, hehe.
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