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it's about $30 less than most places for 2000-2001 itr cams but his specs are all wrong. The difference between the ctr cams and the usdm 1997-99 itr cams is 3 degrees duration on the intake cam side. The ctr cams are identical to the 2000-2001 usdm itr cams. Most places sell itr cams for around $550-580 US/set intake & exhaust cams US like Other places like sell them for $700 US /set intake & exhaust cams. So it depends on who you get the cams from. Hidden costs here will be any duty fees across the US border. He is charging you $35 for shipping which is reasonable.

the cam article here has the specs if you want to show him.

team integra cam article page 3

the powered by honda site has the specs as well if you want to have a second independent confirmation:

anything else you need me to help you with ?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts