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I have a red, race ready, caged, 1993 GS that has been completely stripped of its motor and interior. The roof has been cut to make it a targa top and so far I have welded together full 7-point racing cage, but I am thinking about doing more suspension braces, ect. The targa top has two bars across it that are welded to the cage also. Its still a work in progress, but when im finished, this car is going to tear up the autoX track like crazy. It will have plexiglass door windows (but needs a new drivers side door) and im going to either get a plexiglass widshield or one of those drag racing windshields... whatever those are made of. If you are interested and want a certain part put on the car before you buy it, let me know and I will put it on there for a small price. The quarter windows and rear window are still stock glass. The car is rolling on aftermarket 14" mags on Toyo Proxes (model: TL I beleive).

I wish I could keep this car for myself and build one monsterous teg, but I dont have the cash to buy all the things I want to put in it.. And now I have to help buy my girlfriend a car, and pay my bills, so I really need the cash.

If anyone wants to buy just the G2 shell, get at me.. because I have the whole cage setup, I just havent finished welding it in yet.

I am not looking for much on the shell, but it really does have some very skilled work put into it. I will accept ANY reasonable offers. I will be needing the cash soon so I really need to sell it.

thanks for looking.. PM me on any questions.
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