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Looking to see if there is any interst for this.
Graphite/Black GSR interior (red stripes on the seats).
I have a price in mind, but am going to leave it open to offers (make me an offer, don't ask how much).
Will only sell if I can sell it all, or I get the amount I am looking for.

What I have to sell and condition (from memory):

Steering Wheel: missing the center cap, but I could easily get one if wanted.

drivers side front seat: good, a few small burns (not thru but just the fabric is singed) and the padding on the left side is worn(fabric is not torn).

Passengers side front seat: good, one small burn (not thru but just the fabric is singed).

Rear seats (top and bottom): one burn thru on the drivers side bottom cushon (about 1/2 inch by 1 inch in size).

Both interior door pannels: no known flaws.

Both interior pannels that go from the back of the doors to the back of the hatch: some scratches in the hatck area.

Thanks for looking.
I will post pics if requested.
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