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Wondering if there is any interest in my wheels. they are 17x8.5 4x100 they weigh 13 lbs each.

they have some curbage from the previous owner. I do NOT know what the offset is and the labels are mostly worn away to the point that i cant read the offset. they did fit my integra. my car was lowered on sportline eibach springs and if I was cornering really hard I woul rub a little bit. or if I hit a bump the tire would rub the fender liner

Looking for 1200 obo. No lowballing. We all know 17s are not the most desireable size for hondas but that does not detract from the fact that these rims are expensive new but are well made. I think they are 600 a pop new. but again they arent in the best of shape. please no offers of rotas and cash.

looking for trades of JDM rims. Mugen, Weds, Spoon, Regamasters, etc.

the tires on them are shot so dont bother asking. located in Pittsburgh PA. Also including volk rays locking lugs. blue but faded. As you can see there are also Rays aluminum valve stems.

I also have a set of Time attack center caps. No I will NOT part them out. you buy the wheels you get the caps.

(the center caps you see in this pic are just generic plastic ones that fit. I will throw those in too)

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