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Turn Signal Wiring Harness

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I have a '94 Integra LS and the plastic part that holds the bulb for the turn signal got messed up, as well as the wiring. Anyone know where i can find the turn signal ass'y piece that holds the bulb as well as at least 2' of wiring?
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maybe autozone. If not a junk yard. A dealership could also get one for you but will charge you too much $
You might be able to find one from a part-out on the board. I got both turn signal harnesses from a guy on here, b/c both of mine were broken when I bought it. Shouldn't cost you more than 10-15.
i have a 1994 acura integra ls and when i bought it the front right side wiring harness for the turnsignal that also goes to the horn was ripped out of it a long hard process to get new one and put one in myself..or am i going to the dealer help is very helpful..thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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