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As many of you know, my 1994 LS was totaled during NSXPO 2013 at VIR. The car died doing what she loved and I am thankful that both the instructor in the car, and my friend, Jason, who was driving, are both OK.

Some of you might know that the car was covered by a Lockton Affinity HPDE insurance policy with Jason and myself named as covered drivers.

Using their online calculator tool, I had purchased a 2-day policy covering physical damage to the car, the track, and rentals for $148 and change. This paid for a $19,900 policy with a $2,900 deductible (which I am being paid).

Some of you might be thinking, “what’s Ramzi going to do next?!??!”

“What’s he going to buy with that cash?”

Well, I’ll nip that in the bud right there. I’m not making any rash decisions. First, and foremost, I am paying off some debt. This way, I’ll be able to have more in savings and disposable cash to support my biggest project ever.

What is it, you ask?

Well, you can look through the somewhat detailed schedule and probably figure it out, but I’ll summarize it by saying that mid-engine Dave’s car is expecting a baby soon…

But, this baby is going to be over a year in the making…

See below.

Enjoy! (and comment, question, criticize, or whatever… It is all welcomed!)

The Schedule

Task List and Schedule Sheet - B18 Mid Engine Rear Wheel Drive Turbo Project

Coordinate with RLI for the release of the wrecked race car from the shop to open up a garage bay
Acquire '94-'01, 2 DR, manual trans Integra with acceptable frame for front horn donation (or maybe an auto coupe using the Hasport Auto->Manual mount?
Read up on Race Car Design by borrowing Mid-Engine Dave's copy of the SAE book
Decide how I want the car to feel and handle in the transverse mid-rear configuration…
Perform basic measurements on front clip and rear hatch to see if it will even fit!
Perform detailed suspension property analysis pre and post swap… this is all calculations
Mockup where the cut in the rear will be made & how the front horns will sit in the rear
Plan how to run linkage & create proper effect -> bench testing w/ Dan Dimaio w/ trans off of car
Plan how to run coolant pipes from front to rear for radiator
Plan how to run clutch hydraulic line
Plan how to run vacuum line for brake booster
Create wire tab for engine harness extensions & perform length adjustment measurements
Tour Piper Motorsports' facility… get an idea for what additional equipment is needed for this…
Take welding classes
Plan desired adjustability in front and rear suspension -> toe, camber, caster, etc.
Perhaps speak w/ Kingpin re: spherical bearings…
Plan how to preload front wheel bearings
Plan how to seal engine compartment from cabin
Plan how to effectively remove heat from engine compartment so rear hatch materials do not overheat
Acquire/rent floor scales for corner balancing & measure static weight balance of car
Plan options for locating fuel cell, oil cooler, and intercooler
Plan 6 point rear roll bar (i.e. no forward bars)
Plan wiring runs for oil temperature, oil pressure, boost pressure, audio/amplifier, exhaust gas temperature
Plan how to duct front mounted radiator
Plan what to use for fuel cell & how to run lines to/from pump, fuel rail/filter, fuel filler, drain back
Figure out if I need radius arms in the rear of the car…
Decide whether or not to weld the seams with the clip fully assembled vs. just the front horns by themselves…
Think about repair work… make sure tools needed fit where they need to!
Potential shop move in spring 2014
Why does Dave have two master cylinders tied to the hand brake cable? Does he lock all 4 wheels? How does this affect pedal pressure?
Dave is able to crane the engine and transmission mated into the rear of the GSR… Look into making that happen on this too; also allow just the transmission to be dropped!
How to control engine compartment temperatures… fan w/ ECT switch like Dave did (and the 25 minute rear defogger timer)?
Heat shields for muffler and catalytic converter

Begin removing stuff from the project car -> full swap from front
Replace stuff that makes sense -> brake booster, any brake pipes or stuff along the firewall that isn't getting removed altogether
Drill hole in steering rack and pull seal to convert to manual steering
Replace brake master cylinder
Replace clutch master cylinder
Post spare stuff online to sell that I no longer need
Pull interior and everything that will not be going back into car
Weigh car on scales again -> Get an idea of "empty" weight
Weigh motor, trans, and supporting stuff and then decide where to put other things that are more user definable -> fuel cell, oil cooler, intercooler, etc.
Mark all of the center lines & center to center distances for shock towers, core support and all other engine/trans/suspension alignment parameters
Recheck all placements and planned cuts for accuracy w/ gauges, rulers, and tape measures
Replace the sunroof motor/figure out why it's not working
Either refresh the high compression LS-T swap from the race car OR rebuild the USDM ITR motor w/ ARP fasteners
Battery relocation necessary for weight balance?
Remove rear hatch of project car

Strip down donor car to front horns and then cut at firewall
Cut the hole in the rear of the project car
Set up "front clip" in the rear of the project car w/ jacks, stands, etc so that the places to weld are well-mated and aligned
Recheck/compare with all of the center lines & center to center distances for shock towers, core support and all other engine/trans/suspension alignment parameters
Weld the horns to the rear of the project car
Weld the roll bar to the project car
Fabricate engine cover
Fabricate engine hood w/ air exit for radiator

Check jackstanded/shimmed weights
Install engine and transmission
Install custom shift linkage
Install front and rear suspension & wheels
Check weights & static suspension geometry
Adjust coilovers as needed
Install/fab turbo kit if we go this route… (should know by December 2013)
Install user definable parts based on desired weight distribution -> fuel cell, extra pair of master cylinders for rear brake actuation for hand brake, oil cooler, intercooler
Install rear hatch
Install augmented wiring harness
Check weights & static suspension geometry
check suspension geometry from full bump to full droop on each corner
Adjust coilovers as needed
Install pipes/lines going from front to rear as well as rubber and SS braided counterparts to the car is fully "plumbed"
Fab exhaust
Add oil
Fill/bleed coolant
Fill trans fluid
Install gauges
Install audio gear
Install front seats & harnesses
Reinstall whatever interior pieces I want back in…
Wire up radiator fan
Seal up duct thru hood

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cannot wait to see updates on this!

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Kind of figured that's where you were going. Awesome.

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Oh yeah... in the mean time, the R will be getting a motor whether it be the refreshed USDM one that's in the car now, or a '98 spec JDM motor I'm trying to get a hold of...

This way, I can still make important events, such as ITR Expo, WMHM, the Dragon, and maybe #GRIDLIFE.


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When's Daytona Steve?

** just so i don't make another post: weekend of Nov 2nd - Steve **
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Good luck with the build Ramzi! This one should really test your skills and fabrication abilities!

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So I started taking some initial measurements on the front of the project car today. I still have yet to find a donor car, but I've got a few months before fabrication begins as it is...

I suppose I should add that I am looking for a 94-01 2 door shell with an accident-free, rust-free, frame to hack up... preferably local to the MD area.

Also, RLI's truck never made it to the garage to pick up the race car because they had the wrong zip code. womp womp...

They'll try again Monday.

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Task #1 (Releasing the former AST race car) - Completed!

Now I have a garage bay for the new project car... Pictures of the BONE STOCK '94 2 door LS or GS (has sunroof and ABS) to come...

I am eyeballing another 95 coupe with a manual setup and a supposedly rebuilt B18B engine/trans combo for the front horn donation vehicle. The car doesn't have a title, so I assume I won't have to worry too much about competing offers on the car.

Hopefully, I can resell the stuff from the second car to get the frame for free! We shall see.

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FYI once you start buying "project cars" before you know it there are 7 sitting in the backyard as "parts cars"
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