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hey anybody here have a profile on and for those who don't know its basically a myspace for people to show off their cars. I'm sure there are people here who would find it somewhat interesting. I was thinking it would be better if there was a lot more active members. I saw two groups called and i tried joining but didn't get a response. It also would be better if there were a lot more integras on it! so i just thought i would put it out there for those who don't know about it yet. and btw if you have or will have a profile, help make me look popular and leave me a message or whatever. check out my profile:tunerfriends
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isn't this like cardomain?
Seems to be.

With a kinda crappy outline//layout.

Myspace is cool. Cardomain is cool....

Not my idea of a good combonation of the two.
ya im not a big fan of myspace or cardomain or anything similar. tunerfriends isnt really anything special either. i just figured i would put it out there for those who havent heard of it yet cuz i know that there are a lot of fans of myspace so i figure they might want to try it out.
I'm on tuner friends! haha... i think i made an account under itzcarlooo and tunerzimage...don't go on it much...
gnushit on Feb/01/06 said:
hell yea! she is like the hottest girl in the world! but she didn't reply to my nice message, which was probably like 1,000,000 words trying to explain to her that we should be married. lol.

for you guys that are already have profiles, post the link on here so i can check them out.

Also i just checked and 2 of the new members own integras! one is a type-r
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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