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I have a 95 GSR sedan and i have a few questions about the transmission. i dont have any info from the previous owners but i think it might have something done to the transmission, like a type-r torsen LSD. because there is way too much traction in the snow, both tires always spin. Even when one tire is on tar and the other is on snow

1.Is there a way to tell what diff. is in it without taking the trans. apart?

2.Also what transmission came in the GSR's an S80 or a Y80?

3.And What are your RPM's at 80 MPH in 5th gear?

Thanks for any insight

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did a search.. quoted from TheRooster a while back..
to answer questions 1 and 2.

TheRooster on Sep/02/02 said:
He's the skinny... the gearing on Y80's and S80's are different, and the gearing on S80's is different between car models. The S80 went into a bunch of different cars. The S80 Helical LSD fits in the Y80 housing with minimal effort (swap out the tapered roller bearings for ball bearings). If you look at the Japanese Integras though, the Y80 was available in an open diff. or a viscous. You couldn't buy a helical direct from the factory. Likewise, the S80 transmissions had an optional Helical differential, but no viscous from the factory. Thats the only difference I was talking about. Guts not withstanding, the differentials are all the same size, including the open.
I have an 96 RS with an 01 usdm Type R transmission. my code is s80. The only real way to tell is to take the trans apart and look for the LSD diff. (unless im mistaken? someone speak up?) Another way possibly is to feel how much play you have in your shifter. From experience after i installed the Type R trans.. the shifter felt soooo much closer and oppose to the LS, it had alot of play in it. You can go feel the gearbox in another gsr and maybe feel a difference from your car and a stock gsr.

if your box is alot tighter than the gsr to make a noticeable difference, then maybe you have a type r trans.

i can tell a difference in the shifter feel from my car and a gsr. So i know you should be able to. My shifter is alot tighter.
thats the only other way i can think of.

OR someone could have swapped a b17 trans(older gsr) that came with an optional LSD.

for your 3rd question.
my rpm's at 80mph in 5th stand at like 5500.

i dont know man.
maybe someone else on here knows.
or maybe im wrong. I dont know.

just my 2 cents.
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