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Hi guys,

I have a question with regards to my build. I currently have a eBay T3/T4 0.63 A/R I plan to use for my goal for my Integra turbo build.

This turbo really is a stop gap until I can afford my Garrett I’ve been saving for but my question is, will my wastegate be giving me issues with boost creep? I have a BWR ramhorn and I plan to fabricate a full 3” system but I’m curious if my goal of around 300whp will be achievable with the 38mm gate instead of the 44? Am I going to get into all sorts of boost creep issues because the wastegate exit on the ramhorn is straight out the front
Check my spec below of what I’m planning on building.


CP Pistons 9.8:1 compression
Eagle rods
Amac engineering CSS
Skunk2 inlet manifold
Supertech valve springs and retain
Supertech valves
Dokuro valve guides
Dc2 ITR camshafts
ARP head studs
Baffled sump
Mishimoto baffled catch can
OEM full gasket set
OEM Honda oil pump
OEM Honda water pump
OEM Honda cambelt and tensioner
New distributor cap and rotor arm
New distributor coil
New distributor igniter
Innovative engine mounts 60A
Tial 38mm wastegate
Tial Q dumpvalve
Garrett Intercooler

S80 ITR gearbox
Competition clutch stage 4
ITR flywheel resurfaced

Fluidyne half size radiator
Pacet fan
Mishimoto coolant reservoir tank
Mishimoto oil cooler

Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
Eagle fuel rail
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator

Hondata S300 V3
Hondata 4 bar map sensor
OBD2a > OBD1 conversion harness
Rywire tucked harness
AEM boost by gear solenoid
AEM boost gauge
AEM wideband

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Sorry I didn’t actually specify my horsepower goal, 300-350bhp at the fly. I know the spec I have is probably abit overkill for what I want but reliability is key to this build. I want to use it properly

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