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The Pro's/Con's of painting my car pink?

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Okay, so the time is coming where i need to make a real decision if i should paint my
I was rear-ended a while ago, and from insurance I got about 2 grand back, so i have enuf money to get a nice body kit (since the bumper is pretty much gone), and paint the car. (My boyfriend knows some people so i can get all of this done with some nice discounts..)

I want to know if it is really worth it to get a bodykit and paint my car some "wild" color? For those of you who have a bodykit, and exterior you have any regrets?

And i know that keeping things stock are the way to go and blah, blah, blah... and im not asking if pink is a good color or not.
I just want to konw if you guys had the chance to do it..would you? Why and why not..? And if you have..was it worth it??

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If I had the chance to paint it some wild color, I would. I wouldnt paint it pink though

Maybe some deep sexy red or somthing, but not pink
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once you start tweeking the looks of a car it seems like there is no end. If i had the option of doing it all over again I would just keep it stock. I like how my car turned out but i have to be really careful about driving it and parking. I would go with some custom paint if you want to but as for the kit it tends to be a headache.
My teg is fully shaved, I regret shaving the handles, but other then that, I guess I have no regrets
I would say go for it, If I had the $$$ to I would, I do also like the clean look however not everyone agrees, to me I like a car that stands out. Some peeps like the wild look and some like the clean look (cant please everyone), I say go for it!! I would love to see it when you are done!!!
Good Luck

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Ya it's up to you I'm going to get a full BW kit on my Gen2 and paint it a gloss black with a very small amount of silver flake and then enough clear to cover a boat
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i think that's gonna look hot! eventhough i would never paint my car pink, i've always been fond of pink cars. make sure the body kit matches the car and the rims match also (ehem.. gunmetal/bronze). i'd say go for it! here's a little inspiration
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Paint it pink if you want to.
But don't do it if you plan to sell the car any time soon.
look at the pink signal cars in japan sooooooo hot
In my opinion brightly colored cars are a real attention getter. And that is bad. You usually want as little as possible attention from the po-po and from other people. If your speeding and so is the station wagon next to you who do you think they will pull over? Same thing in a parking garage, who's car do you think is going to get keyed or hated on first? Basically why im repainting my car stock black, putting a lip and an itr spoiler on it and it's pretty much done, Just don't want the attention.

on the other hand if I had a show trailer queen car I would paint it to get as much attention as I could get.
heres one bad ass pink 4 door integra... check it out

I dont care that its pink... i think it looks damn good...
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Pink reminds me too much of pepto-bismol, no thanks
Pink is a very high profile color. If you have cops in your city that dont like imports, like in my town, they will spot that thing a mile away and follow you to get you for anything they can think of. I learned this the hard way, being the only lowered loud silver teg in my town. The good thing about pink is on halloween you could dress up like barbie and drive around. If you like it then by all means go for it. Then post pics when its finished.
yeah, maybe u should tweak a normal color instead of going all pink. something subtle to set it apart. i saw a mr teg once with pink pearl and it was very nice, dont get keyed to, lol
at least no one will steal it.
im not telling you to do your car any way but if this was ME i would do a type R lip, OEM optional sides. and rear valences and call it a day cause everybody has those BIG body kits with the pink color no one has wat i described up top so just go with ur gut and wat u think looks good not wat no one else thinks and then you'll be happy at the end and good luck with ur project
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