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We have a whole series of exhaust articles at the bottom of the Performance Articles Page(click here now). PLEASE START THERE.

1. if you want info on how good a certain brand's exhaust sounds:

You're in the wrong forum.

Loudness and sound quality have nothing to do with performance and this is the Performance Forum. PLEASE post your loudness and sound quality exhaust questions in your Teg's Gen forum. The crazy thing is: we even have an article with SOME (not all) of the most popular exhaust's sound files on Tegs that you can hear. The problem is: if the engine isn't tuned properly, it'll sound coffee can sh*tty no matter what.

2. if you want to see how low an exhaust hangs:

PLEASE go to the Detailing/Appearance forum. There's a ton of pics and threads on how low a certain brand's exhaust looks like on a Teg at any ride height. If it's not there or you can't find it in a search then PLEASE ask your question there.

3. if you're looking to see how much power a certain brand exhaust makes:

then you have NOT read the exhaust articles yet because we tell you that it's not the brand that determines power but instead the size of exhaust tubing that determines peak power gain. Not only that: we also tell youthat how much power you gain from adding an exhaust also depends on the header AND cat dimensions that your attaching this exhaust to. So just slapping on an exhaust and dynoing it on the wrong header/cat size for your power goals is not being smart. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLES AND LOOK IN THE COMMoN TOPICS FIRST.

You buy and choose the right EXHAUST SYSTEM (i.e. header collector, cat, exhaust) SIZE not just the right exhaust size.

exhaust system SIZING (as in DIAMETER) is everything when it comes to choking off your top end rpm gains or releasing what power you can potentially make with what you already have in parts...because sizing deermines exhaust flow speed and backpressure :

This is a great dyno. Same car , same dyno shop, the only thing that changed was the exhaust diameter.

Now if you can't figure out what size header collector and cat size for a certain exhaust size to reach your power goal?: there are at least 5 threads already on this topic including the difficulties of finding the cat diameter inlet and outlet (which are also on old cat threads ).

The easiest thing to do is pick the same diameter for all 3 or come as close as you can. If you want to go one better than that: post body search under the term "reversion" . It explains that you should increase the diameter as you go in the direction of exhaust flow and never choke down the diameter. We talked about this in the backpressure article already. Backpressure is a crutch for getting midrange but chokes off the top rpm power, especially at full throttle. To go faster at full throttle, you must gain power in the top rpms and so you want no backpressure. You fuel tune and ignition timing tune to regain the lost midrange when you remove all backpressure.

if you don't believe a 2.36 in. OD exhaust makes a difference in creating backpressure -related reversion compared to a 2.5 in. OD on a 2.5 in. header collector/cat combination look at the bottleneck shown by the carbon deposit left on the 2.36 in. exhaust Bpipe flange by a 2.5 in. cat. :

4.if you want to know if a GSR or ITR exhaust fits on your LS or if you want to know if an ITR exhaust fits on your GSR (OBD1 or OBD2a or OBD2b):

there are obviously threads in the Gen 3 Forum COMMoN TOPICS BUT since you aren't searching,

the answer is in the header's Apipe length for each model and OBD year.

this pic is posted only a million times here already but since you aren't searching anyway:

the longer the header Apipe, the shorter the exhaust Bpipe has to be. So if it ain't the same length as your model's Apipe, then you'll have to either weld on more length or chop off length on your Bpipe.

Taking off the bottleneck at the Bpipe inlet opening ain't such a bad idea (see the article on this).

5. if you want to get a testpipe instead of an aftermarket cat.

ITR (Toda B cams, 2.5 in. SMSP header/exhaust, Apex Power FC fuel tuning) using a Carsound 2.5 in. cat[/b] vs testpipe. 2 whp difference. This dyno is in the exhaust article and cat article. If you want to pollute the world for your family and future family for 2 whp, then that's your decision and conscience.

What we don't need here at TI is another testpipe thread though, so that everyone else can tell you how much of an inconsiderate , self-centered idiot you are. There's already a ton of testpipe threads here. If you have nitrous, you're stuck with one, since a cat won't handle nitrous well. If you don't want a nuisance CEL with a testpipe, consider getting a sensor bypass or "O2 sim" (yes there's an article on that too) or deactivate the warning when you do an ECU reprogram.

FAIR WARNING: All "what is the best exhaust?" and "what does brand _____ exhaust sound like ?" will be automatically deleted from the Performance Forum because you are wasting other members' time.

Thank you,

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