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Over a year of saving for parts and the time is here.
the parts that I will be putting on will be mentioned when I come to that part of the project
Ask any questions you want answered I will be updating this thing daily
lets begin

This is what I started with

I bought her 2 years ago on ebay, she ran perfect and I loved her, she stayed stock for about 2 months before I added the front lip, side skirts, spoiler, intake, headers, and a cheap muffler (biggest regret)

she got lowered early last year on koni yellows and eibach sportlines, great smooth ride, and rough when I want it to be

one of my friends owns a shop so I got it dynoed for free
here are some pix

more info about the shop here - ellisautoworkz Resources and Information.
Surprisingly she pulled 153.8whp with over 160k miles
I got it dynoed just to get an idea of what I have before the build
if anybody is interested I will upload the graph if the next few days

day one begins on my next post which will be as soon as photobucket uploads the pix (give me 15 mins)

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I called a friend over he brought some tools and we got crackin

first name Brian last name... I never asked
drives two 300z's both turboed, one close to 300whp, other just got turboed at about 230whp, if anybody is interested in his cars Ill get some info (he has a site for his cars)

parked the car and got the jack ready

taking a last look before we begin

thats Brian getting ready

off comes the bumper

than the hood

took off the header, power steering, and working on the ac

ac completely out

taking off the valve cover

first time seeing my engine naked like this..tear

I cant really explain how we got it out... I wish I took some pix in the process but lets just say it took 4 guys, a big piece of wood, some rope, alot of screaming yelling and profanity, but the ***** came out

getting it on the engine stand I had to call Ronald, works at honda, works out all the time so I figured he could help us lift it... using that piece of wood again we got it on
and that wraps up day one

that was Friday Feb 2

next post as soon as photobucket loads

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I let my friend drive my car and he ****ed up my front bumper.. lucky for me he said he will pay for a new one so if anybody got a bumper please let me know

also about the side skirts I am selling them let me know if youre interested

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the insanity continues
I worked till 3 so I started late on saturday but I called my friend Tony and we got his tools and got to work
The goal for this day was to get the head off and apart

This is me excited to get the head off

Tony getting his tools ready

got the head off

few shots of the block

quick pic of the head before we pop off the manifold

Continued on next page

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got the manifold off (ugliest thing in the world)

where the mani used to be

last shot of the manifold before we start pulling off the valve springs

well by the time we rented the tool to compress the springs it got dark but that was not gonna stop us so we parked my sisters car infront of us and left the lights on...later we used my moms car
first spring is out

where it came from

one side out

all of them out

valves and springs

now the valves

naked head bottom

naked head top

day two complete
goal for next day is to take the block apart
will post as soon as photobucket loads my pix

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Feb 4,2007

Woke up early for this one
called tony up
got him over to my house and got it started
its block day!

First we got the diper off

than more things came off

few shots of the block with brace

and if thats not whats its called than lets refer to it as the metal thing thats about to come off

and there it goes

after ducktape failed on the leaky compressor we upgraded

to this

god I love my neighbors

funny story after we got the engine out using our ghetto methods I asked my neighbor if he had a socket, when I helped him look for it he said "damn I know its in one of these boxes but I cant get to them with this engine hoist in the way"
****! I wish I knew he had one before I amost lost a friend pulling this thing out... oh well at least I know putting it back will be easy

day 3 continued on next post

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well we tried to get the bolt off the harmonic balancer for about a half an hour but in the end its all about using the right tools

so glad to see that thing off

got the pulley off

and everything else off this side

now its time for the pistons to come off...two at a time

all out!

now to pull out the oil squirter's

got too many pix of this day so it will continue on the next post as soon as photobucket loads (slow)

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well not too long after we got the crankshaft out

and here is my empty block

taking off whats left on the block

everything off

block off the stand...weighs almost nothing now

parts I pulled off

tranny and the box of parts

tranny and more parts

my work space after I got done

all cleaned up and done for the day

the engine stand looks so lonely now

thats it for sunday, tomorrow (actually today) after my class I will be dropping the head and the block off at the machine shops and they should be coming back like new

I might take some pix tomorrow if I do Ill post them up as soon as I can
if you have any requests for pix of any parts Ill take a pic for you and post it up

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well I have all the parts I need...except for the retainers that I will be ordering after class tomorrow, Im hoping i get done with it this month and it will be N/A and lets just say its the opposite of cheap...nothing but the best for my engine

this week or next I will be pulling my transmission apart and replacing my 3rd gear and synchro (it grinds) and will be installing the ls 5th gear so if youre interested in how that goes I will take pix every step of the way
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