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Baseline Target power: 200/140 to the wheels SAE corrected at 16 timing and no cam tuning, only
with tuned ECU, AC and PS.

Baseline 1320: low 14s without tranny or suspension
mods and stock rims, RE730s.

another goal: powerful and quiet = sleeper

What car will be used for: street fun, daily driving
and road course/auto X with the occasional drag runs.

1999 GSR Proposed Setup:

GSR head: ITR LMAs, IB's valvespring/retainer kit
P/P for 250 cams and raised static CR
USDM ITR block
Skunk2 stage 1 cams w/adj. Sprockets
Ported/TB Matchported VVIS manifold w/IAB intact
Tapered 70/65mm overbored TB
11.5:1 static CR: Mugen gasket, CNC block brace,
ARP head studs, .0020" mill on head
Stock Intake Box with 4" fresh air tube, K/N drop in
and Stock intake tract to TB
Hytech Full Stainless Exhaust System
Hondata Stage 3 on OBD1 P72 ECU: tuned for Power at WOT
and peak MPG on narrow throtte.
shift light
J/S Knock/Retard unit
Oil System Gagues
270cc prelude injectors
Fluidyne Radiator
Mugen Thermostat and Fan Switch
MSD coil w/limiter @ 8750
9200 fuel cut

Full Extracted power goal: 220/150 with 140 @ 5250 rpm

Getting it to the ground:

GSR Tranny with 4.92 ATS final drive 12% rate of change
in TQ to the wheels over stock GSR gearset.
Honda Type R LSD
Garden variety 16" 12-15lb rim with light, sticky tires
Koni Yellows, 400/500 springs, energy suspension TQ mounts, spoon engine mounts and shift bushings
selective weight reduction srategy 2500lbs target while maintaining a showroom ITR look.
Comptech rear swaybar
Frame stiffener in trunk, back seat,
across upper B pillars

target anytime 1320 high 13s, with slicks low 13s
granted I can pilot the car that fast.

stopping the madness:

fastbrakes front and rear setup w/ Axxis Ultimates,
slotted, cryotreated rotors
steel braided lines @ 80K
wind splitter for underbody
roll cage


Gen 2 GSR emblems
shaved/filled side mouldings
ITR front lip and rear wing/breaklight
OEM GSR body kit
ITR shiftknob
ITR Gague Cluster
ITR floormats
1 Black Recaro Seat

20% charcoal grey titanium tint
Gloss black finish on valvecover, cut
to show the gears with ability to cover
and reveal at will
gunmetal/amluminum look rims, on a Taffeta White Teg
6GB MP3 jukebox, 6ch amp, 2 8" subs in rear side panels,
2 5 1/4" in decklid and 6 1/2" seperates up front, BA and Xtant. Done.

other considerations:
AC compressor clutch bolt... that thing shears off after a while... what to do... at races I may take the belt off for another 8whp... hehe

I just want a well balanced car with the personality of a GSR, and NA tuned DC2 Mr. Honda would be proud of! I dont need to be the fastest around, only rated by how well I accomplished the goal of practicality vs. performance/creature comforts and the ability to wail on something when needed. I understand that a fully built B20VTEC hatchi or C5ed CRX may roll on me, but it wont be by much

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Wow, thats more like a formula for a god like G3 DC2.

A few comments

"1 Black Recaro Seat"
That is so me when I decide to get seats. I will have one for six months, before I get a mate for the passanger.

"Axxis Ultimates"
I love these brake pads, great for street/autoX use.

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I will get its mate when I have one... hehe
for now its a SOLO TEG
I figure for another
$5000 I can finish the ride and be DoNE, with a
$1500 budget per year for addtnl.
mods and maintainence.

thanks for the input guys. the GSRed ITR motor is
in and that is many thanks to my sources and the
man upstairs making that whole nightmare work out
in less than 2 weeks... my car died at the wrong
time for me... it all worked out and the thing
is STRoNGER than ever even when I had CTR cams...
the block is AMAZING... the "whine" when the midrange/VTEC power comes in is DISTINCT...
the thing has power from the floor to the roof on GSR
cams. I cant wait to start tuning.

I put in the fluidyne next week and switch to AMSOIL
at 3K I am at 2200 now. I just put in some axxis ultimates and my powerslots are getting cut as we speak.
I will put them on when the stockers get warpy again,
no rush. They make the pads DUST like a beeotch. better
for the track, easy enough to swap out they machine
the pad surface anyways
stock 10.3's can still bite like a rabid dog!

My next mods are looking like the hytech, then the hondata and cam sprockets, put on my B&M FPR and the JDM 98+ ITR tranny. I want the LSD and final drive, this gearset is superior for the track/street over the ATS.

I may do the tranny first depending on how my itch is and how long it takes to go through this "break in" top drawer special clutch... I dont want to touch the motor performance wise or AFR tuning for at least 10K miles.
The tranny I can see would work well to do first. My motor already feels like it has upper 160s at the wheel with 130tq. More or less, maybe 155 peak with gobs of midrange I didnt have before... thats what 11:1 does!
If I have 160peak power it is at 7600 and I MUST have a 5252rpm of at least 125... this thing pulls.. peak TQ at about 6800... estimated. I dyno in St. Pete on Oct 5th.
1st pass will be: 16BTDC
2nd pass will be: 18BTDC for the first time ECU reset
3rd will be: IAB vaccum refrence removed to slap the
secondaries open, 18BTDC ( to see what the manifold is doing with the primnaries/secondaries with added power )

YeA BaBy!

that powerband, tighter gearing and a crisper feeling shift gate will be a dream come true. heck, it already IS... more to come


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a penny or two. why, you offering to contribute?
I will take cash, check or money order at
this adress:

My G3 Teg Fund
PO BOX 34567
Orlando, FL 32835

I like clean, black tegs
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