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Driver8 on Mar/22/04 said:
thank you for being so helpful here. I have not been around here long ,newb, in more ways than on but I have found alot of good info here and I appreciate it.

however when I search through 100 pages of material, and am still left wanting what happens, someone takes time time and effort to write a description of how to search,
when less time could have been spent actually giving a brief answer to the question. Bottom line, If I didnt respect the opinions and collective knowlegde of the board I would'nt ask you. Searching is a powerful tool,
as well as basic politeness. Have a nice day T-I
thats what i like to see, some one who knows how to search.

yes it may take less time to give a small quick answer. but if you keep doing that. people will expect you to do it all the time.
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