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Yeah...I want to get rid of my teg. It's time to move on to somthing else...

94 LS 4dr with about 120k on it..

It's a little run down, paints not too great anymore...

As far as add on's -
Apexi WS, Ram Air, Indiglos, Brushed alum interior..
Tranny swapped about 15k miles ago - Clutchnet carbon clutch..

Other problems - No A/C (the pully is broken off, shouldnt be hard to fix)
Needs an alignment..
No more cruise control due to tranny swap

Engine still runs strong as hell, I get 30mpg easily.

This might make a good project car for someone, I don't know nor do I know how much it's really worth with it's few...quirks.


Comments greatly appreciated.
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