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Hey guys! I have not been on Team Integra for a while. But I am trying to sell my RHD right hand drive 1995 Acura Integra. I have owned this car since 1999. Heres the link to the ad on craigslist that I just posted tonight with pics and info as detailed as much as possible. Located in the Bay Area, CA.

JDM RHD Supercharged B20 Acura Integra (Right Hand Drive ITR rep)

If you know me throughout the years I have been here, you know how well I take care of my car and it means to me. I never had any problems when I bought or sold anything through Team Integra. Check my past feedbacks. Thanks! Info of the car. If you want pics I can send it via email or text.

EMAIL: [email protected]
Call/Text: 408-667-1127

Hopefully another good person will take care of my pride and joy!

NEW post with updated parts on the car as of 01/03/15.
Please make an offer! You never know if I may take it or not. The worst I can say is no.
EMAIL: use above link
Phone: 408-66seven-112seven

I have had this car since 1999. I have NEVER raced this car at all. I built this car straight for looks and for show to try and compete and still be able to drive it around to work and meets. I spent a lot of money and time over the years I have had this car. So the price I'm asking for its well worth it with all the parts thats included. If you know anything about JDM and UKDM parts and how hard it is to actually find good parts, you will appreciate the car. Everything on and in the car works such as AC and power steering. All FUNCTIONAL!!! Car does carry a salvage title. It was this way when I purchased the car in 1999. I never had a problem with. So if you don't like the car with a salvage title, then this is not for you. But you can't tell the car is salvage from looking and the way it drives.

Type: 1995 Acura Integra GS Model.
Transmission: Manual 5 speed
Conversions: -JDM OEM Metal front end NON-HID, Right Hand Drive Conversion, US/JDM Integra Type R Interior, USDM Type R 5 lug conversion
Motor: JDM B20 with a Jackson Racing Supercharger

-BMW Alpine White Paint
-JDM OEM Metal Front End non-hid (fog lights work with separate switches)
-JDM Front Bumper Pole (works with OEM switch and lights up green at the tip of the pole at night)
-RARE UKDM Front Bumper (the same as JDM bumper but with the side fog lights on the corners of the bumper in clear lenses with white LEDS)
-DRL (Daytime Running Lights) on the high beam and still functions as a high beam at night.
-DRL (Daytime Running Lights) LEDs in white
-JDM clear sidemarkers with amber bulbs (JDM Front end conversion always comes with amber sidemarkers)
-JDM Power Folding Mirrors (works with no problem. Folds in with a push of button. US Integra does not come with this function)
-USDM Type R Replica sideskirts and rear bumper valence (fits like original)
-2000 USDM Type R rear bumper
-JDM 16" white Type R Rims (black acorn style lugnuts)
-USDM Type R 5 lug conversion
-4 Door rear handles (shaved key holes for theft and looks cleaner)
-JDM OEM Window Visors (no broken or missing clips)
-USDM Sunroof/Moonroof Visor
-JDM 3rd Brake Light (it says INTEGRA on it and it lights up when the brakes are on. Usually doesnt light up at all).
-USDM OEM Honda rear wiper delete
-UKDM rear tail lights (VERY RARE!!! it has a pinkish color turn signal instead of the Amber or Red)
-UKDM rear bumper foglights (these are OEM and not replicas with switch)
-Rear view/back up camera
-Greddy Evo2 Exhaust (deep tone. NO fart can or ebay rep here)
-Shaved radio antenna (has an internal antenna mounted on the front glass)

-JDM Right Hand Drive Conversion (everything is done right. All the wiring are OEM and everything is where its located such as the gas and trunk release and everything works)
-USDM Type R complete interior (black w/ red stitching)
-USDM/JDM Type R carbon fiber accents (window switches, climate control, ash tray, cigarette lighter, cup holder, manual shift plate, driver side vent)
-JDM Rear back seats (no plastic piece in the middle like the US Type R)
-RAZO Pedals
-ALL lights are white LEDs except for the mood lights which are red
-Carbon fiber wrapped A-Pillars
-Carbon fiber look dual gauge holder for the A-pillar
-Intellitronix LED gauges in black with red LEDs (2 volt meters and a boost gauge)
-Autometer carbon fiber mechanical boost gauge
-Autometer dual gauge cluster
-USDM Type R speedometer in MPH with amber needles (like the UKDM ITR cluster)
-JDM Type R Center console badge
-JDM Shift Boot Cover (black with red stitching)
-NRG Quick release (slim)
-NRG Detachable steering wheel with carbon fiber accents
-NRG steering wheel lock
-HONDA H horn (this looks like the horn from the JDM non airbag steering wheel. Not the cheap looking H stickers that comes with the steering wheel).
-JDM Flare Red (not empty/will work if needed)
-JDM Flashlight Red (2 AA batteries)
-S2000 Push Engine Start button ( the S2K and Lexus)
-JDM Front Bumper Pole, USDM fog light switch x2 foglight for the headlight and rear fogs and sides on the front bumper together (everything works)
-JDM 1/2 Antenna switch (not working)
-Broadway Mirror (blue tint on the glass for anti-glare)
-JDM Right Hand Drive Floormats
-JDM Right Hand Drive Interior Carpet
-USDM GSR Trunk carpet (same as the Type R but no ITR logo on it)
-LED's in the trunk (white) and amp rack (red)

Engine Bay:
-JDM B20 (about 120K miles. tock internals)
-Jackson Racing Supercharger (80K miles. CARB OE Sticker. Street LEGAL)
-DC 4 to 1 Headers (with CARB OE Sticker. Street LEGAL)
-AEM short ram intake (with CARB OE Sticker. Street LEGAL)
-Blox Fuel Pressure Regulator (black color)
-Carbon fiber liquid fuel pressure gauge
-Spoon Radiator cap (sticker came off but its real. Got it from in socal where I got the RHD conversion)
-HIDs for the headlights (Low Beam: white 6K and Fog Light: yellow 3K)
-Password JDM Cooling Plate for the JDM Front End
-Password JDM Radiator Stay (Gold)
-Password JDM Oil Cap (Gold)
-Password JDM Washers (Gold. Replaces the stock bolts on the fenders, headlights, engine bay. ALL over the car)
-Password JDM Armored Plate Header Shield (keeps the headers from scratches while driving. located under the headers)
-Password JDM battery tie down (Gold)
-Password JDM Spark Plug Wire Separator (Gold)
-Password JDM Valve Cover Washer, Distributor, and Headers (Gold)
-JDM Type R Blue Vin DC2 tag (underneath the cooling plate)

-Eibach Ground Control Coilvers (adjustable)
-Tokico Blue Shocks
-DC rear lower tie bar
-Blox lower control arms (Gold)
-USDM Type R Front Strut Bar
-JDM Type R Rear Strut Bar
-USDM Type R rear lower tail light (under the tail lights inside the trunk)

Entertainment/Audio & Video:
-Pioneer 6.5" In Dash Double DIN (mp3, cd, video, etc)
-XO Vision 5.7" head rest monitors
-Alpine Type S Component Front Speakers
-Alpine Type S Coaxial Rear Speakers
-Stinger rear battery relay/charger (charges 2nd battery and keeps the main battery from draining if the system is on while the car is off)
-Optima Red top battery
-Custom amp rack
-Alpine 5 Channel Amp
-Alpine 1000 watts Mono D-Class Amp
-Rockford Fosgate Digital Capacitor
-Autometer ProComp Ultra Volt Meter
-JL Audio Integra Stealth Box (RARE!!! Not made anymore)
-JL Audio W0 subs x3

Unless you are buying the car, you will find out. As any car, comes with an alarm and auto start also.


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how did you do RHD swap? Firewall cut or frame cut? spot welds or beads?
The swap was done with cutting and rewelding the firewall. Not sure about the spot welds or beads. It was done in socal. Why are you interested?

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yeah, im in TX so i would fly out to look at the car. would it be reliable enough to drive back to Texas, can you post some more pictures of the firewall and how the welds look. I'm basically looking for the quality of the firewall swap

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yeah, im in TX so i would fly out to look at the car. would it be reliable enough to drive back to Texas, can you post some more pictures of the firewall and how the welds look. I'm basically looking for the quality of the firewall swap
Pmed you!

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Never had a problem with the car. Drive it to reno nevada and socal before for a Team integra meet. No problems but you obviously would have to make sure everything is good with the car of you are planning on driving that far. I know I would. I always want to be safe than sorry. As for the pics, I pmed you my number so give me a call or text to talk more about the car if you are really interested. Got way too many flakers from sites and craigslist . Tired of it and wastes my time. Anyways, hope to hear from you! Hopefully you will like it and we can come up with a deal. I also still have the original firewall too.

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Beautiful car. It's a shame you have to sell... Looks like alotta work put in there.
LOL at the car seat., That's how we roll, though. :D

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Beautiful car. It's a shame you have to sell... Looks like alotta work put in there.
LOL at the car seat., That's how we roll, though. :D
Thanks! Yes a lot of work and time. Had this car since I was in high school in 99. Love that Recaro for my daughter though. I have one in my Pilot too and for my ex-fiance car too (her mom). But this is the best one since it's black and red.
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