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So, I have a common issue as most integra owners have from my knowledge. My sunroof is stuck closed. Now, I have read the forums on fixes for this issue and have tried fixing it myself to no avail.

These are the steps I have taken to fix it.

1. I pressed the button and tried pushing up. No use.

2. I took the headliner down to see if anything was stuck in the tracks. Nothing was stuck.

3. I applied WD-40 and also applied grease afterwards. No use.

4. I took the entire assembly out of the car and looked for the black hooks that everyone referred to as something that can be taken out. I did not see them but if I did it didn't seem like the issue. (I will post a picture of the assembly for anyone with better knowledge to point out what might cause it.)

5. I took the glass off after the assembly was out and seen nothing wrong that way either.
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