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when you install a Skunk2 IM in a GSR the stock strut bar does not fit. The Skunk2 IM has a higher profile than the stock GSR IM and on the throttle body the bracket for the throtte cable gets in the way of the stock strut bar and most aftermarket bars. In my car i cut a little off the bracket and bent it in towards the firewall slightly so that i could fit the stock strut bar back in. I just noticed today the bracket hits the bar when the engine viabrates and dented my strut bar. I am planing to replace my stock bar with a spoon strut bar in the furure but i know the spoon will not fit and i dont want it to get damaged, i was thinking maybe replace the bracket with one from a Type-R throttle body, is this a solution and if not what can i do?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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