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my 95 teg went all jolty like it was dying or not enough fuel.. i stopped and got out. i smelt gas and looked under my car. noticed i got a gas leak comming out of the engine bay (underneath). i followed it and it looked like a little spout comming out under the passanger side. i followed this spout and it lead to this big black thing?? and i noticved the gas line went into this black thing after comming out of the fuel filter.. it almost looks like another filter... i noticed that this usually only happens if i have just filled the car up. but its scary when my car jolts how it does and sucks that my gas pours out.

Any ideas would be great where i could start looking.. maybe this black container thing is getting too much gas into it?? and that spouts for over flow? i have no clue.

if people need to know what this looks like i can get pictures if you want.

thanks again
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