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Starter Not Cranking

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Just replaced my starter (finishing up a manual swap) but it won't turn over when I turn the key. I get a single click and occasionally a buzz from the starter. Tested the voltage to the starter and it's getting between 11 and 12 volts. Not sure what to look for, any help would be appreciated.
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In order of likelihood, bad ground, bad/weak battery, bad starter, bad starter solenoid, seized engine. By the way, I'm assuming the single click you hear is coming from the starter.
I'd check your connections, and if they look ok, you could: Directly connect battery (briefly, only to start) to the starter connections to bypass the ignition and narrow down the problem. Also, you could tap the starter with a hammer and see if it then starts. If it starts, the starter is likely the culprit. Good luck!
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