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SRS Unit Mix Up

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Okay, so today was a wierd day. 2 weeks ago i got and SRS box pulled from a 94-97 teg, as ebay had posted. We get the box and its a gold shaded box. So today we start looking for the box and we find a box behind the center console and either of us could tell what the label said, so we pull it out and find out its the SRS box. Now these boxes are totally different. The one from my car is a small grey box where as the one from ebay is a large gold box, i have a 97 LS by the way. So my dad does some research and finds out that I have the 98-01 SRS box in a 94-97. So now i went back to look for one on ebay and I found one pulled from 94-97 but I am worried about doing this again. apparently theres is a number in the VIN that will tell me the production date and that will help tell if it is a 94-97 box or a 98-01 box? anybody have any advice on this or have this happen to them?
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Is anyone looking to sell one to me? I still need it
I'd like to learn details about the SRS too. I've got a 97 LS and my SRS light just came on. I checked the code and it's 52. The shop manual says there is an internal fault and the SRS unit needs to be replaced... :(
im not totally sure, but its possible that the box design was changed at the same time as the clips for the SRS airbags were

i think the different design is based on the obd 1 or 2 ECU

i'm basing this idea off the fact that the clips changed over when the ecu's were switched

and a side note, why d ou need a new srs box?
Not sure if you were asking me or randomracing, but I'll tell you why I need one. Two days ago the SRS light came on when I started the car and hasn't gone off since.

I tried the reset process twice. Both times the SRS light blinked twice so I'm sure it was reset. Still the light stays on so thats when I pulled the 52 code which says to replace the unit. Of course a new one is about $500... :(
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