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1996 Acura Integra 3-door Special Edition aut.

The vehicle is due for inspection soon and cannot pass with this error.

SRS light remains on after a short stop where the ignition has been switched off for approximately 0-30 minutes. Even if the ignition is switched on immediately after switching it off at the end of a trip without errors. However, it is not every time; the error is intermittent. At cold start the SRS light always goes out within a maximum of 6 seconds, as it should. The workshop (former Honda dealer) cannot communicate with SRS unit with their OBD2-tool. No diagnostic trouble code (DTC), flashing SRS light, when 2P Service Check Connector (SCS) is shorted. This applies regardless of whether the error is present or not.

I have tried reset on 2P Memory Erase Signal (MES) connector as described in the service manual. SRS light reacts with 2 quick flashes, as it should, but the error is unchanged.

From Service manual Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Chart, page 23-290-291:
"SRS indicator light > comes on > doesn't go off + none DTC = Faulty SRS indicator light circuit, internal failure of SRS unit, faulty SRS power supply (VB line). DTC cannot be read with a Honda PGM Tester; check by jumping the SCS service connector."

Are there other options than replacing the SRS unit and, if that does not help, the SRS indicator light circuit? Remember, intermittent fault. I will buy used parts. A new SRS unit is expensive and other parts discontinued. I'm aware a used SRS unit must be from a car that has not been in accident (airbag deployed).

77960-ST7-N91 SRS Unit 1996-1997 (same as mine)
77960-ST7-N92 SRS Unit 1998-2001
78190-ST7-721 Indicator Assy., SRS Discontinued

Can 77960-ST7-N92 SRS Unit be used instead of 77960-ST7-N91? There are several 77960-ST7-N92 for sale on ebay.
I cannot find 78190-ST7-721 SRS indicator light circuit sold separately, only complete instruments.

Thanks for spending time reading this, I hope someone can help.

Best regards
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