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Smoke Out of Vents.. Burned Wires?

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wat up ... last night i was on the highway coming back from the movies .. dont know hwo fast I was going but around 5k then for like 10 secs reved up more to about 6k before slowing down and exiting off the highway. All of a sudden my vents started smoking and smelling liek burned wires and my radio shut off. I pulled up to a gas station and open the hood.. no smoke.. Turned the car off.. let it sit for 2 mins then turned it back on and it was fine.. I turned the heat on and the smoke starts coming out heavily. I check the ecu fuses and none are blown. I took it back to my house and my turn signals werent working and my cluster would flash when I put my hazards on. I parked it and the engine light, oil, srs, seatbelt and trunk all turned on. I pulled the fuses and same thing. This morning I turned the car on and it starts fine idle a lil off normal but nothing serious but the lights are still coming on. Now my turn signals work, headlight, highbeams, tailights, breaklights are all fine.. My radio is even working with the amps. But when I turn my car off the srs, check engine light, oil, clock and seatbeat all stay on. I dont get it? Anyone know maybe I bured a fuse or sensor?
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Sounds like you have a bad ground or a wire shorting out. Check all your aftermarket wiring such as your radio, amps, etc etc.
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