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Hi all

I have an Australian DC2R (11:1) CR with stock internals. I am looking at going down the turbo path, my goals are:

280-300HP at the crank (not fussed really because all i want is an improvement in low-mid range torque with instant spool up). This is a street car so not interested in huge numbers or top end;
98 octane fuel
Daily driven/weekend warrior need reliablity and driveablilty (no breaking traction all the time);
Must retain AC and PS;
budget is 6.5kUSD
minimise hacking away at the bumper as much as possible
and most importantly, the engine bay needs to look as 'non turbo' as possible.

I have pieced together on paper:

InlinePro B series T3 manifold
gt2860r .60/.64 turbo with adaptor to fit T3 flange
exhaust (dump pipe to connect up to my existing Fujitsubo PowerGetter)+ IC piping will be custom from an exhaust shop to minimise bends. I plan to run the all black IC piping (2.5") under and up through the stock airbox to keep it looking stock as possible
Mishimoto Z line intercooler Core Size52.07 cm x 15.88 cm x 6.35 cm Overall Width 6.35 cm Overall Height 19.05 cm Overall Length 71.12 cm
Manual boost controller
440cc injectors
255 walbro fuel pump
custom ecu tune
oil temp, water temp and boost gauge

1. Does this look like a suitable build for my goals?
2. I want to stick with internal wastegate so an external one doesnt pop out of my engine bay and to also reduce piping, will internal be enough for my goals?
3. Same reason above for the BOV, can I get away without needing one, last thing I want is cops to hear a loud spool or the blow off noise.
4. Can i keep existing PCV system or do I need a breather kit/oil catch can?
5. if it fits, can I keep with exisiting fullsize OEM radiator ?
6. are adaptor plates for the turbo to manifold a good idea, or am i better off finding a t3 turbo ?
7. have i missed anything
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