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Justin3 on 15/June/2002 said:
I'm going for an all motor car and i just got a new 70mm throttle body and want to get a new intake manifold, but i'm not sure which one i should get. I've heard good things about the skunk2 and i'm not actually even sure if the stock type-r manifold will fit my gsr head(I've heard yes and no from different people i've talked). Also, i waited to get an intake until i got the throttle body because i wasn't sure if the intakes made for stock gsr's would fit the bigger TB. Will they fit or do i need a bigger one somehow?
The ITR IM does not bolt up to the GSR engine. That is why Skunk2 came out with that manifold. :D I am looking into getting one also.....anyone know the size of the inlet? BTW what kinda TB you get?
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