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side door molding removal

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side door molding removal

Ok just so were all on the same page Im not positive that that is the name of what these ugly F***ing things are called but they are black and they run across the middle of my doors and theyre rubber or something similar. I saw a civic drive by one day who had taken them off and it left holes in the doors, however I thought it loked kind of cool. How would I go about removing these? What are the risks if I do?? And can I put them back on if I change my mind about them???
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They have to be removed first the sheet metal is applied smoothed out in whatever form a person can afoord to have them smothed out then primered and painted i would not do this to my car yet only cause im not ready to paint but they will go i hate those things and if the guy you saw doesnt get it fixed soon he will have rust on his car
Check this out, moldings shaved off a 4 door (mine)!!!

Alright, we all know that shaving and getting a new paint job would kick ass!!! BUT, unfortunatly most of us cant just fork out some of that dough! I just took mine off a couple days ago, and I am gonig to paint mine since mine are do have a lot of people ask why there are holes in the door, you should keep them on in the mean time till you wanan shave need to take the door panels off and there are little plastic things you squeeze and they come off, the frotns are easy, the backs are a pain. YOu have to take otu your rear interior panels and do the same! good luck!
What I have done, when I removed the side panels, antenna, emblems: I covered the holes with metallic tape. Yes it looks cheap for the time being, but it prevents rust until I get it smoothed out and painted.
nicklk- on my car all the plastic's so old and worn that the sides pulled right off, no protruding fasteners or anything. And about the rust, my door moldings don't have a seal so I don't think it makes a difference in terms of rust there. But just in case...I don't want my doors to fill with water when it rains.
i wanna do that too.. i dont think the ugly black things look that bad on my "white" teg so im okay for now. If u have the money just get them shaven off, holes covered in.... and painted. NO RISKS TO ANYTHING except if the person parked beside u is jealous of ur teg and decides to open their door wide and hard ull get a knick mark on ur car. The black things are suppose to prevent that. Other then that... go with it..
If you don't have the money, just paint them. You can pop the front ones off, and paint them. I would just mask the rear and cover the car, and paint the rear ones. Because they're a pain in the ass. I think there is a guide on it on (under teg tips), yeah I know it's for g2 tegs, but it tells you what to use and stuff.
take them off and cover them with some high output vinyl that matches your nozzle lights! haha... that was mean. for real.. either get them color matched or professionally shaven. leaving them as they are is better than having holes down the side of your car.
click here to see a pic of shaved doors... they are mine!!!
I got my door moldings removed. What i did was have my friend weld on some metal to cover the holes up and then i used bondel to smooth it out. I believe the easiest thing is to use fiberglass sandit and then bondel it. Its very simple. It now just up to you when you wanna do it when you can afford the paint job. My was real cheap cause my brother in law did all my stuff for free. I learned alot while doing da conversions and shaving.
TheGSRGuy on Aug/10/02 said:
FYI: ITRs do not have door dings!
Are you kidding? My friend's ITR has many door dings!
i think he meant ITR's don't have the moldings (which they don't). LOL I was thinking the same thing as you Night GSR.
For those who had the moulding professionally removed and had the holes filled and painted, how much did the whole job cost? TIA

so... how much was it???
Paint them yourself took me about a day and i bought a can of color matched paint from Canadian Tire for 6 bucks, some primer and some clear coat. I just left the mouldings on and masked them looks good!
We aren't interested in painting them, we want to know how much to have them removed.
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